How Increasing Operational Efficiencies Drives Employee and Guest Satisfaction

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Every company strives for improved efficiency every day. This is especially true in the hospitality industry, where operations run 24/7. Management and staff are under enormous pressure to be efficient. So, how can a hotel boost employee satisfaction and productivity, while also keeping guest satisfaction top-of-mind? The answer is integrated automation.

Health benefits can be deal-breakers in a tight labor market

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As a hiring professional, it’s tempting to make salary the focal point of a job offer. After all, aren’t benefits just icing on the cake? Increasingly, the answer is no. Rising health care costs place significant stress on Americans, and benefits packages have become deal-breakers for job seekers across all levels of employment. As the cost of doctor visits, emergency care, and annual eye exams pile up, quality benefits are becoming more enticing to individuals searching for a job.

Increasing Employee Retention Rates

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Business executives, HR professionals and organizational leaders constantly seek the best ways to retain employees. That’s because it is increasingly more important to maintain established, productive and cost-efficient teams in a business climate with premium costs for good talent.

Adams Keegan Expands into Texas, Appoints Ruzicka as Regional Director of Sales

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Adams Keegan, a national managed HR, payroll and benefits provider, today announced its expansion into Texas, extending its footprint throughout Dallas-Fort Worth, Austin and Houston. This expansion comes amid a period of continuous, nationwide growth for the company and will be led by Joe Ruzicka, Regional Director of Sales. Ruzicka reports to Trevor Benitone, Vice President of Business Development.

M&A Integration: Creating value through smarter, strategic HR operations

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While evaluating acquisition opportunities, investors consider an array of factors to determine the viability of the opportunity. These include revenue, cash flow, net income, management team, and strategic fit, among others. Careful consideration of these factors helps ensure that an acquisition will provide the long-term ROI that owners and private equity investors are seeking.

Adams Keegan's Super Woman: 'You need to be able to see through people'

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Lockhart leads the Recruiting Services team for Adams Keegan, where she helps external clients hire talent that is the right fit for their company in skills and culture, while also sourcing employees for internal hires.

Help your company stand out in a tricky labor market

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From companies that have been in business for years to early-stage companies and startups, all organizations want to recruit the best talent.

Nonprofits Can Benefit from Outsourcing HR

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Nonprofits can achieve sweeping efficiencies, high employee satisfaction and reduced risk by switching to an external HR services provider. Outsourcing HR administration, payroll and benefits can yield big returns for nonprofits in several areas, while allowing them to focus on their core mission.

Recruiting’s holy grail: improving both quantity and quality of applicants

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Many talent recruiters in the business world continually struggle to improve both quantity and quality for job applicants.

Why Companies Should 'Go Green' and Pursue Inexperienced Job Candidates

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Many companies identify ideal job candidates using a list of hard skills presented as qualifications. These skills typically require industry experience and prior institutional knowledge, and candidates who possess them bring a certain amount of confidence to any hiring process.