With local leaders angling for a living wage, should businesses take the bait?

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On first glance, Tramaine Isaac, 27, and Phillip Daniel, 46, might not have much in common. In addition to their age difference, Isaac is a native Memphian who graduated from Carver High School and attended a hometown college. Daniel is a recent transplant to the area who relocated to Memphis under factors not of his choice.

How Executives Can Stand Out In a Tight Talent Market

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It’s no secret that the tightening labor market has caused fierce competition for job seekers, especially for executive-level candidates. While a candidate may be searching for career growth, the ideal scenario is combining that growth with a natural fit between the new company and its needs.

Seven Tips to Keep Employees Happy and Drive Guest Satisfaction

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Culture impacts nearly everything in business. This is especially true in the hospitality industry, where each employee interaction with a guest is a moment of truth. Will the employee deliver the expected experience, or leave the guest disappointed? The recipe for creating outstanding guest experiences is simple: happy employees.

Adams Keegan Expands into Northeast, Hires LaFeve as Business Development Director

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Adams Keegan, announced its expansion into the Northeast United States, extending its footprint throughout New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Pennsylvania and Massachusetts. The expansion comes after years of continuous, nationwide growth for the company and will be led by Mike LaFeve, Northeast Region Business Development Director. LaFeve reports to Trevor Benitone, Vice President of Business Development.

Upping the Ante in the Hospitality Industry; How Hotels Can Strive for Higher Ratings

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Hotel ratings are something that most travelers research prior to planning a trip. When on vacation, many are looking for a comfortable stay, ranging from the basic amenities to a luxurious getaway. So, what exactly constitutes a hotel's rating? Look no further than AAA's Diamond Rated properties for the criteria to fit the bill.

Companies Updating Their Sexual Harassment Policies

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Workplace sexual harassment has been making headlines nationwide, with high-profile individuals in entertainment, media and other industries losing their jobs over accusations of misconduct. In recent months, companies have been taking a closer look at their harassment policies and updating them where necessary.

It Starts With HR: How to Create a Diversity Initiative

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Diversity and inclusion programs used to be considered hallmarks of a progressive workplace—an added benefit to a new age office. But now, with sexual harassment and equal representation claims coming to light well into the new year, HR departments are placing a heavier emphasis on the value assigned to demographics.

Artificial intelligence can never replace recruiters

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Recently, we have seen articles with so-called “experts” claiming that recruiters are in danger of being replaced by artificial intelligence (AI).

End of Year Compliance Check-up

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We’ve assembled the following list to provide an overview of all the updates and changes that will go into effect next year.

Adams Keegan expands in Nashville market with new hire, office

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MEMPHIS, Tenn., Dec. 12, 2017 -- Adams Keegan, a national managed HR services company, today announced it has hired client service associate Kelsey Foster, and expanded its physical office space in Nashville. The appointment comes after Adams Keegan's announcement of officially operating in the area earlier in 2017, as well as the development of a performance management tool last month.