Moving Forward, Hiring Backwards: The Trajectory of Boomerang Employment

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Adams Keegan discusses the surge in boomerang employees, the benefits of hiring previous employees, and using the exit interview as part of your talent strategy.

10 Facts About American Workers

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In honor of Labor Day this year, Pew Research Center Senior Writer Drew DeSilver recently updated his online article "10 Facts About American Workers." In case you missed the article, here are the highlights:

Looking for Leaders and Problem Solvers? Hire a Veteran

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It’s really the perfect combination - an employee with the ability to demonstrate leadership while working successfully as a member of a team. But realizing this fact and making it part of your core hiring practices is easier said than done, and resumes are typically light on details about an applicant’s true leadership and teamwork potential.

Software as a Service (SaaS) is Not Really Service

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When it comes to HR solutions for midsize to larger businesses, any experienced HR manager will admit that the right tools and technology are essential. Software tools help streamline transactions, reduce burdensome paperwork, and reduce the likelihood of human error. From analytics to tools that facilitate shared data between departments, HR software allows decision makers in a company to ask better questions, see relevant trends, and respond quickly to small problems before they become big ones.

The Department of Labor Has Issued A New FMLA Poster (But You Don't Have to Switch)

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The U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) has released a new, more reader-friendly Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) poster for employers to post on site in any location where employees work. While this poster can be used interchangeably with the previously published poster, it is meant to be a clearer guide for navigating employee family leave under the FMLA's guidelines.

Three Steps You Should Take to Spring Clean Your HR Department

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Managing people can be messy. No, let’s face it – managing people can be absolute chaos. That simple fact is why human resources is one of the most difficult and least understood disciplines of running a business. After all, managing people, and the many different personality types that go along with that process, is easier said than done.

Free HR Software Isn’t the Solution and Here’s Why

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It’s no secret that technology-based solutions have become standard for human resource management, and employee benefits administration is no different. Recently, benefits-related technology firms have proliferated in the professional services marketplace, many offering “easy, out-of-the-box solutions” and some even offering “free” services in exchange for a broker-of-record designation.

2016’s Changes for 401(k) and Retirement Plan Contribution Limits

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Retirement planning requires sensible saving based on informed choices. As legislative rules regarding 401(k), IRA and Roth IRA contribution limits are in constant flux, let’s look at some of the changes to expect in 2016, as well as some rules that will remain unchanged.