Recruiting’s holy grail: improving both quantity and quality of applicants

Many talent recruiters in the business world continually struggle to improve both quantity and quality for job applicants. 

Recruiters are then faced with the balancing act of keeping time-to-hire at a minimum, while maximizing the candidates experience. This presents the unique opportunity of developing recruiting strategies that ensure companies will gain the talent they are looking for.

Branding your company is the key to attracting customers and talent. “Most job boards offer some form of branding to upload a logo, video or link to your website,” Kristin Lockhart, vice president of recruiting services at Adams Keegan, told HR Dive. “This allows a candidate the opportunity to learn about the company before applying. Additionally, it can make it easier for the candidate to decide if they are a fit with the company or not.”

Networking has been the backbone of business for decades. Likewise, recruiters should cultivate relationships to help future staffing. “Employers need to build referral sources through local schools, whether it’s MBAs or trade programs,” Lockhart said. “The teachers and staff are motivated to place their students and are willing to share your company’s name.” Lockhart also recommends recruiters make time for students that are interested in your company in order to keep those schools and programs referring potential candidates. 

The recruiting process is constantly evolving, and it’s all about proper preparation to acquire the talent your company wants and needs. 

Kristin Lockhart is vice president of Recruiting Services at Memphis-based Adams Keegan.
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