The Department of Labor Has Issued A New FMLA Poster (But You Don't Have to Switch)

 The U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) has released a new, more reader-friendly Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) poster for employers to post on site in any location where employees work. While this poster can be used interchangeably with the previously published poster, it is meant to be a clearer guide for navigating employee family leave under the FMLA’s guidelines.


FMLA posting guidelines


Any FMLA-covered employer is obligated by law to post a copy of the General FMLA Notice in each location where employees are present, even if those employees are not FMLA eligible.  According to the rules, the poster must be posted in a prominent location, where it can be easily seen by all employees and applicants for employment, or posted electronically in a way that ensures all employees have access to a copy. In companies where non-English-speaking employees work, the notice must be posted in the language in which the employees are literate. Violations of the notice requirement can result in a fine of $110 per offense.


The new FMLA poster and guide

While the newly released version of the General FMLA Notice poster won’t contain new information, the format of it has been reorganized to make it easier to read and understand. In such, employers are not obligated to replace their current General FMLA Notice with the new one –- either one meets federal law.


In addition to the newly designed FMLA notice poster, the DOL has also released a revised guide for employers on the rules and requirements for administering leave under FMLA law.  With flowcharts showing the leave process administration procedures from beginning to end, as well as an overview of Military Family Leave and other lesser-known facts about FMLA law, the guide is available for download here.


FMLA laws can be complicated, and failure to comply can result in significant penalties and lawsuits. Don’t guess when it comes to this important law -- be sure to consult your HR representative with any questions you may have.