Upping the Ante in the Hospitality Industry; How Hotels Can Strive for Higher Ratings

Hotel ratings are something that most travelers research prior to planning a trip. When on vacation, many are looking for a comfortable stay, ranging from the basic amenities to a luxurious getaway. So, what exactly constitutes a hotel's rating? Look no further than AAA's Diamond Rated properties for the criteria to fit the bill.

Properties from around the United States, Canada, Mexico and the Caribbean have been rated based off of a diamond scale, ranging from one to five. A One Diamond rating indicates a good, budget-oriented experience all the way to a Five Diamond rating, which indicates top-of-the-line service from the time of guest arrival and throughout their stay. This past year alone, only 121 hotels have managed to pass the 36 hotel requirements and secure the Five Diamond rating, while 1,676 hotels have received the Four Diamond rating. This is, in large part, due to AAA's professional inspections taking place unannounced and on-site, ensuring that employees and management are always on top of their game. 

At the local level in the state of Tennessee, only one hotel has received a Five Diamond rating and 16 hotels have received a Four Diamond rating. As the slogan states, "Tennessee - American at its best," the local hospitality industry is constantly striving to provide the best customer experience and to ensure that Tennessee is a traveler's destination.

With a little more than 80 years in the hospitality industry, AAA continues to provide standards for the hospitality industry that are extensive, but also show value when given a diamond rating. Providing top-quality service takes time, dedication and hard work, but it is attainable with this mindset.

Back to the basics.
The hospitality industry is extremely competitive, with travelers having many options to choose from. Putting a hotel over the top, with little-to-no expense, goes back to the basics of customer service. While a hotel might not have the budget to remodel with the latest gym equipment or redecorate with a luxurious redesign, one can always provide attention to detail and personalized service. A great customer interaction is a principle that, regardless of how modern or up-to-date a hotel might be, it can't beat impeccable employee standards of excellence. Going the extra mile to ensure that a customer has the most relaxed, enjoyable experience sounds like a no-brainer, but imploring this mindset from the management level down, is a great way to enhance the guest experience and ensure that they will return to their home away from home.

This post was adapted from a recent edition of the Inside Memphis Business "Tip Sheet."