How to Navigate Bringing Employees Back to Work

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Since the COVID-19 outbreak, employers in the homecare industry have faced decisions that require adjusting schedules and reducing staffing levels to ensure the safety of employees and patients alike. As businesses return to a level of relative normalcy in their operations, employers are faced with yet another challenge, knowing how and when to bring back staff affected by the coronavirus or its associated economic downturn. Read on as we discuss a few common concerns employers in the homecare industry are facing and explore effective ways to address them.

Three Ways to Improve the Operational Efficiency of Your Workforce

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Knowing how to become more efficient involves streamlining processes, utilizing technological innovations and adopting new practices. A mindset of continual improvement helps ensure your organization’s long-term prosperity. Here are three simple ways you can improve the operational efficiency of your senior care business.

Every business starts at the beginning. Get your startup right from the get-go.

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In 1987, Bob Adams founded a startup to help employers with the burdens of HR, payroll and benefits administration. Today, Adams Keegan supports organizations across all 50 states. With Memphis and Start Co. hosting the Seventh Annual Startup of the Year Global Competition & Summit, it’s a good time to share some thoughts on creating a startup built to last.

How Increasing Operational Efficiencies Drives Employee and Guest Satisfaction

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Every company strives for improved efficiency every day. This is especially true in the hospitality industry, where operations run 24/7. Management and staff are under enormous pressure to be efficient. So, how can a hotel boost employee satisfaction and productivity, while also keeping guest satisfaction top-of-mind? The answer is integrated automation.

Health benefits can be deal-breakers in a tight labor market

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As a hiring professional, it’s tempting to make salary the focal point of a job offer. After all, aren’t benefits just icing on the cake? Increasingly, the answer is no. Rising health care costs place significant stress on Americans, and benefits packages have become deal-breakers for job seekers across all levels of employment. As the cost of doctor visits, emergency care, and annual eye exams pile up, quality benefits are becoming more enticing to individuals searching for a job.