Simplifying the complex.

No matter the size, every Adams Keegan client benefits from direct access to our proprietary web-based, self-service human resources management system — Efficenter. It’s the hub that makes the HR wheel turn productively and efficiently.

Efficenter enables your company to break out of old organizational boundaries—manual, paper-based routines that are costing you more to maintain than you realize. Our system consolidates a broad range of data, giving your team access to critical reports instantly and securely online. And because it’s customizable, key managers can drill deep into exact, real-time information to reveal trends, review historical markers, and project future outcomes about your company. Efficenter provides immediate access to your valuable data however and whenever you need to see it.

Plus, with our Efficenter technology, we can save your company time and energy on many preexisting tasks, and enable other business processes that you may never have considered attempting before.

For all its power, Efficenter was built to be user-friendly. Like any useful tool, it is straightforward and accessible to everyone, both in system implementation and in everyday use.

Managing employees with Efficenter

You control the parameters of each manager’s capability, including setting up groups.

  • Payroll entry
  • Paperless on-boarding of new employees
  • Unlimited user training and support
  • Digital employee files, with 24/7 access to employment data
  • Digital signature capability to reduce paper waste
  • Performance reviews
  • Direct deposits
  • Benefits deduction setup and enrollment
  • Company data and reports
  • Built-in full-featured time clock with integrated time and attendance solutions
  • Extended information fields that allow you to manage and track relevant employee milestones
  • Customized functions, services, forms, and more


Efficenter offers you greater security and accuracy than paper-based employee administration. Adams Keegan protects your data with 256-bit secured socket layer (SSL) encryption, multiple firewalls, intrusion detection, and off-site data backup. With Efficenter, you can achieve the following results:

  • Eliminate the need to store records on-site
  • Gain greater control over your data by granting access on a need-to-know basis
  • Eliminate the risk of losing on-site data
  • Empower managers and employees with self-service functionality


Adams Keegan runs a disciplined “always-up” operation with the Efficenter servers at the primary data center and keeps a fully redundant secondary data center out of state for immediate disaster recovery. Our backup generator could power a data center 20 times larger than ours.