Payroll and Tax Administration

Time is money. Let's save you both.

Human resources are wasted when HR leaders are spending more time processing and filing than evaluating and advancing. After all, payroll drives the HR engine and it’s here that valuable data produces invaluable insight that plays an important role in any company’s human capital strategy. It’s also why all of our services at Adams Keegan are intrinsically tied to our robust payroll and tax system.

When procuring our payroll and tax services, you get much more than a user manual and password. We provide you with a dedicated payroll professional assigned to your account, familiar with your company, and ready to respond when questions arise. Plus, our Efficenter® solution means data entry is seamless and secure through our web-based HR management system, and our payroll service is flexible to handle clients of all sizes and budgets. Our payroll and tax services include:

  • Automatic integration of payroll data into general ledger
  • Encrypted digital signature authorizations: paperless and quick, with a solid audit trail
  • Web-based time clock that syncs payroll with detailed time and attendance data
  • Customized reporting that renders mission-critical data in real time
  • Calculations and preparations of payroll and related payroll-tax entries
  • Remittance of employer taxes including quarterly and year-end reports
  • Processing and distribution of year-end W-2s
  • Payment of all employee- and employer-tax amounts and filings of appropriate returns, including 941, 940, W-2, W-3, state unemployment, state income tax and any applicable local taxes
  • Net checks, direct deposit or paycards to each employee (no restrictions on number of direct deposit accounts)
  • Calculation and processing of employee benefits deductions
  • Remittance payments directly to group benefits providers
  • Calculation and remittance of workers’ compensation premiums
  • Tracking and maintenance of paid time off balances online
  • Online reporting and invoicing
  • Garnishments and remittance payments on employees’ behalf
  • Administration of involuntary deductions