Employees – from liabilities to assets.

How do you:

  • Attract talent?
  • Stand out among the thousands of worldwide job postings?
  • Screen out all but the cream of the crop?
  • Eventually hire the right person for the right job?

In today’s connected world, recruiting a talented work force is fiercely competitive, extremely time consuming and often costly when not handled properly. At Adams Keegan, we understand the costs of recruitment—and not merely hard dollars. Finding qualified applicants is just part of the equation. Equally important is ensuring your new hires are doing the job best suited for their skills, as it can mean the difference between optimum and average results.

As your HR solutions provider, it makes sense to work with a group that already knows your business well enough to help hire your talent. Our expert recruiting team saves you time by sorting through applicants and presenting only the top candidates worth interviewing. With our recruitment program, you enjoy the confidence of knowing that the entire process is in good hands. Depending on your needs and budget, our recruiter will:

  • Customize job postings
  • Manage posting strategy, by industry
  • Screen actionable applicants
  • Administer skills-competency testing (additional fees apply)
  • Present best candidates
  • Search for passive candidates through our own network and other sources
  • Coach interviewers
  • Interview applicants face-to-face, when possible
  • Check references

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