What our clients are saying.

Adams Keegan allows us to focus on guest satisfaction. Their HR technology, hospitality experience, and scalable system make us more efficient. They understand ROI and risk management. That makes a great partner.

— President, Southeast US Hotel Management Operator

Adams Keegan's payroll and HR solution helped us right-size our internal HR team and increase efficiencies. They also delivered value to our employee benefits offerings by consolidating brokers, streamlining benefit plans and implementing a sound PPACA compliance strategy.

— CFO, Southeast US Hospice and Nursing Home Operator

Adams Keegan has taken an aspect of our business that no one wants to deal with and turned it into an easy and manageable process. We highly recommend Adams Keegan to anyone looking for not just a payroll service, but a full HR management company.

— Erik Olson, Owner SERVPRO of Greater Boulder


"As a strategic partner, Adams Keegan manages our HR needs, allowing us to focus on our customers."

 Meredith A. Crawford, President & CEO, Memphis Consumer Credit Association, Inc.



"I am a repeat customer of Adams Keegan. Upon taking a new CEO job, I quickly added them as my HR provider. I run a small financial institution, and as such I need affordable expertise. I have gotten both by outsourcing my HR function to Adams Keegan.”


R. Todd Vanderpool, CEO, FAA Federal Credit Union



“Adams Keegan is our trusted partner for human resources, employee benefits and payroll.”


Greg Barron, Chief Financial Officer, Metropolitan Bank


I have a lot of employees counting on us to be successful. I know the areas of our business that are managed well, and I know those areas that put us at risk. [Adams Keegan] helped us put programs in place to control those risks.

— President, packaging supplier

We had some real problems tracking job and departmental costs at our subdivisions. Our previous payroll company said they couldn't help. [Adams Keegan's] IT staff customized our payroll entry on the web; we save almost a full day each week; plus we have better data.

— CFO, general contractor

Every single benefits question I've had to ask her about, [Adams Keegan] has gotten me an answer within less than 24 hours! In most cases, it's been within a couple of hours.

— CFO, financial services company

[Adams Keegan] has been a key to our ability to grow. As we expanded geographically, Adams Keegan kept us in line with the rules and regulations; we probably wouldn't have done that on our own.

— President, medical supplies company

We used payroll companies in the past, and they could never get it right. [Adams Keegan's] people really take a personal interest in getting it right, it's such a difference.

— HR Manager, distribution center

Nobody is perfect, but I can tell [Adams Keegan's] staff really wants to be. If they make a mistake, they're quick to say, 'How would you like us to handle that?' what more can you ask?

— Office Manager, technology company

Adams Keegan saves us time and money ... doing your human resources work so professionally. It’s the way to go for medium-sized companies.

— Dale Ingram, COO, Wheel Workz, in Financial Executive, June 2007


If we're trying to build a company, we have to attract the best of breed executives from our local and national companies.
—Gayle Rose, CEO, Electronic Vaulting Services, “Small Firms Beef Up Retirement Services with Outside HelpThe Wall Street Journal, August 19, 2008.

The WSJ article continued:

So in 2007, Ms. Rose turned to Adams Keegan Inc., a Memphis firm that handles human-resources responsibilities such as payroll and retirement benefits for other businesses. The firm set up Electronic Vaulting's plan and also offered access to online tools like calculators and up-to-date performance reports. A few months after implementing the program, the company hired two senior executives. The retirement benefits added to a comprehensive package that lured the two away from larger companies.


[Adams Keegan] provides HR capabilities this organization would not be able to afford on its own. We see them as a comprehensive solution to payroll, providing benefits like health insurance to 401K plans.

—Brandon Wellford, CFO of Bioworks, in Memphis Business Journal


We're a small company, but we can function as a large company as far as HR is concerned. It allows us to spend our time more productively, growing our company.

—Tom Urani, owner, Plastic Lumber Co. of America, St. Louis, in Memphis Business Journal


I'm not qualified as an HR professional … I needed help in that area, and Adams Keegan is a perfect fit. They're invaluable.

—Gregg Smith, CFO of Lifesigns, in The Commercial Appeal