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Multi-state hotel operator reaches next level with Adams Keegan

A privately held hospitality company with 35 hotels spread across six states confronted process inefficiencies in its human resources and payroll operations. They needed a provider that both understood the regulatory challenges unique to multi-state operations as well as providing a technology-driven approach.

The Challenge

Besides needing a streamlined system through which the benefit experiences of thousands of employees could be integrated, the holding company wanted to find a more efficient manner of handling repetitive tasks like scheduling and employee timekeeping, and reduce the steep internal costs of managing its payroll.

“Two of the biggest challenges associated with HR and payroll, particularly when it comes to growing a business, are compliance and cost controls,” said the company’s Chief Operating Officer.

The Adams Keegan Solution

Adams Keegan was already well versed in the challenges of supporting the HR needs of companies working and operating across state lines, providing the company a significant benefit.

Our team presented this hospitality company with a bespoke solution that met their exact needs, taking routine administrative tasks off their plate, and providing a fully integrated HRIS system with a single sign-on for all of its employees.

We also took on the complex tasks involved in administering their benefit plans, from 401K retirement accounts to medical and dental, taking the company off the frontlines of this activity and reducing their exposure to risk.

Centralized solutions removed the need for repetitive data entry by anyone at any level of the company, and provided a single set of numbers that could be quickly pulled and used at any hotel location.

The Results

The hospitality company realized significant gains in the first six months of working with Adams Keegan, including across-the-board compliance increases, a noticeably smoother and more fluid workflow, and streamlined onboarding processes for new hotel employees, who now only worked with a single system wherever they were, resulting in a 40% decrease in training time.

Switching over to Adams Keegan involved minimal transition time, a huge advantage for a time-oriented industry.

“We want to continually grow and serve our guests, and a big part of that is taking care of the people who make that possible,” the COO said. “But payroll solutions simply can’t be inefficient and leaky for us to do that.”

“With Adams Keegan, we had no implementation stress or delays whatsoever, meaning that we passed from one week to the next with HR management that was timelier, better for our budget, and more effective for our team members at all our hotels.”



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