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Streamlining Workers' Compensation: A Case Study in Customized Solutions

In today's dynamic market, businesses require human resources providers to offer more than just basic payroll and human resources services. Customized and comprehensive solutions that address specific challenges are in high demand. Adams Keegan, in partnership with Collier Insurance of Memphis, Tennessee, has expanded its service offerings to include commercial insurance, exemplifying this approach. This expansion has allowed Adams Keegan to solve significant burdens for its clients, as demonstrated in the following case study.

The Challenge

Adams Keegan’s client, an outdoor hospitality management company, faced significant challenges in managing their workers’ compensation policy. With 28 locations across 14 states, the client was burdened with self-administering a complex policy. Fluctuations in payroll due to the seasonal nature of the industry compounded the challenge of managing billing processes. Additionally, the continuous addition and removal of properties from the policy created administrative strain. The CFO dedicated approximately 30 to 40 hours each month to managing the policy, handling additions and terminations, balancing monthly payroll invoices against the policy, and reconciling the aggregate bill. Furthermore, there were concerns about incorrect workers’ comp codes at several locations, increasing the company's risk. Managing claims also became burdensome due to a lack of expertise and resources within the corporate team.

The Adams Keegan Solution

Adams Keegan Insurance Services (AKIS) and Collier Insurance swiftly collaborated to provide a tailored solution that alleviated the burden of workers’ compensation insurance and decreased the client's risk. Following an Agent of Record transfer, AKIS and Collier conducted a meticulous review of workers’ compensation codes for each location, removing outdated or incorrect codes and replacing them with accurate, state-compliant ones. Leveraging Adams Keegan’s proprietary HRIS, "Efficenter," the corporate team gained the ability to manage workers’ compensation codes by property and generate customized reports for auditing purposes. General managers were trained to load specific codes for their properties, and critical training on managing and reporting claims was provided. With Efficenter's payroll module, the client benefited from Pay As You Go features, reducing cash flow needs and providing timely and accurate invoices to each property owner. Shopping the policy across multiple carriers further reduced the client's premium by more than $30,000.

The Results

The customized workers’ compensation plan implemented by AKIS and Collier Insurance relieved significant burdens for the client. Risks associated with inaccurate codes were nearly eliminated, and each property was well-prepared to handle workers’ compensation claims. The CFO's workload was drastically reduced, allowing more time for critical corporate functions. The Pay As You Go feature simplified cash flow management, and precise payroll estimates mitigated large recoupments during audit periods. By delivering tangible results and demonstrating innovation, Adams Keegan solidified its position as a leader in the human resources and insurance industry.

“We want to continually grow and serve our guests, and a big part of that is taking care of the people who make that possible,” the COO said. “But payroll solutions simply can’t be inefficient and leaky for us to do that.”

“With Adams Keegan, we had no implementation stress or delays whatsoever, meaning that we passed from one week to the next with HR management that was timelier, better for our budget, and more effective for our team members at all our hotels.”



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